Founder & President, coachcom.inc
    Former President & CEO, TV5 Network, Inc
    & Media5 Marketing Corp.
    Former Head Coach, GILAS Pilipinas
    IC-AGILE Certified Professional Coach
    International Scrum Institute Certified SCRUM Coach
    Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership
    Executive Coach
    Completed PositivePsychology.com Mastering Resilience Course
    Completed Project Management Inc. Developing Emotional Intelligence Course
    Completed PMI Design Thinking Course: Leading Organizational Change
    Licensed Facilitator, John Maxwell’s Building Teams Workshop


    Founder & President, coachcom.inc
    Former President & CEO, TV5 Network, Inc
    & Media5 Marketing Corp.
    Former Head Coach, GILAS Pilipinas
    IC-AGILE Certified Professional Coach
    International Scrum Institute Certified SCRUM Coach
    Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership
    Executive Coach
    Completed PositivePsychology.com Mastering Resilience Course
    Completed Project Management Inc. Developing Emotional Intelligence Course
    Completed PMI Design Thinking Course: Leading Organizational Change
    Licensed Facilitator, John Maxwell’s Building Teams Workshop


    Founder & President, coachcom.inc
    Former President & CEO, TV5 Network, Inc
    & Media5 Marketing Corp.
    Former Head Coach, GILAS Pilipinas
    IC-AGILE Certified Professional Coach
    International Scrum Institute Certified SCRUM Coach
    Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership
    Executive Coach
    Completed PositivePsychology.com Mastering Resilience Course
    Completed Project Management Inc. Developing Emotional Intelligence Course
    Completed PMI Design Thinking Course: Leading Organizational Change
    Licensed Facilitator, John Maxwell’s Building Teams Workshop

Building Connections
Teamwork and Execution
Success in showing up
Trust is Wild

Leading with H.E.A.R.T.


In this increasing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, predicting the future is getting to be impossible, with our old forecasting models no longer working. In these times, operational efficiency alone simply won’t get the job done, in fact it sometimes undermines our capacity to adapt and react. Preparedness, imagination, coalition-building, inventiveness, experimentation, bravery are tremendous sources of resilience and strength in an unpredictable age. They are the hallmarks of the #futurefit leader. My H-E-A-R-T model consists of the elements that make one a #futurefit leader:


  1. HEALTH: the great basic 
  2. EMOTIONAL Intelligence: the ABCDs
  3. AGILE Mindset: the ability to sense and respond to market changes and deliver value to customers in this increasingly unpredictable world
  4. RESILIENCE: the 3Gs – mastering the skill of bouncing back
  5. TEAMMANSHIP: going from ME to WE 


We will then end by discussing how leading with HEART makes possible FLOW: the science of Peak Performance, the level in which we want our people to operate from. 


Get in touch with us now at vreyes@coachcom.ph to schedule a talk or book a workshop


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In this increasingly volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous (VUCA) time, we are challenged to solve a problem even when we do not understand it well enough to produce a viable solution. We are challenged to be prepared for things no one can even predict. In these times, our only real preparation is within. 

In an ever changing world people like Coach Chot Reyes can both identify the right people who can make success happen and the exact form of execution to win not only a game but the trust of all the people around him. he truly is the Grearest Coach we have today in the history of Philippine Basketball. And a very inspiring and motivational speaker who can either bring you to such an emotional height of Eureka already or lead you to the direction of sustainable growth.

Samuel Sison

He used to coach the Philippine Basketball Team! Truly a respectable person. Basic, team, trust, powerplay, creative, and the list goes on… I have seen many many many speakers but Coach Reyes is outstanding. Highly recommended @coachot on your next motivational event.


With only a video for presentation, you have reached your goal, Clear explanation. Clear instructions. Clear execution. Your team is not always winning madaming great players and great teams sa basketball. But what makes your different is really your battle cry “Puso!” It is definitely felt whatever you have a game. I hope we could start doing the things that you do, the things that we learned and the things that we discovered that we never noticed before. #saluteCoach Chot Reyes

Dhei Lyn

Wala na ako pake kahit ang oily ko or ang lake man nang pes ko hahaha 🙂 Chot Reyes is in the house. Grabe ramdam  ko ung PUSO. Yung puso ko tumatalon sa saya. Graaaabe. Tag ko daw sya sa Instagram 😀

Charlene Mae Rocafort

Sobrang Galing! Connected e. Iba tlga kpag nangaling sa puso ang experience ♥ yung tipong ayukong mag CR kailangan kong tapusin ang Talk ni coach hehehe. Thank you Coach!!!♥

Jonah Pinca Velasquez

You are a man of wisdom! Thank you so much for your powerful talk. We are so blessed to have you today. God bless you!


Find Your Leadership Quotient

It’s Not Only About IQ and EQ. Your LQ Is also driven by your AQ (Agility & Adversity Quotient), PQ (Physical Fitness Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient)

Our Services


Be it in the sports arena, the work place or at the home, our driving belief is this: great teamwork is the only way to reach our ultimate moments, to create the breakthroughs that define our careers, to fulfill our lives with a sense of lasting significance.
We work with individuals, teams, and corporations to promote teamwork, leadership, and attitude change. We support our clients through individual coaching, team facilitation, customized workshops, self-improvement products, assessment services, and specially managed events.
In its simplest terms, coaching helps take you from one place to another in the shortest time possible. It is our mission to partner with people in their journey from where they are now to where they want to be. Whether from one skill level to the next, a new job position and responsibility, achieving and surpassing service level targets, a new career or life path, or that proverbial longing for work-life balance.  We do this by providing tailor fit training programs for managers and team leaders, enabling them to be more effective coaches on the job.
Whether you are an individual looking to improve your own life, an entrepreneur striving for success, or part of a corporation driving to achieve results, we can help. What makes coachcom.inc unique is our passion for greatness and our firm belief that everyone can be great. We listen to each customer’s wants and needs and develop a program specifically with you in mind.
Please find below the coachcom development programs currently available for you and your company

Executive Coaching

Permission based. Confidential. Tailor-fit. One-on-One. Customized. You choose the agenda.  The executive coaching program offers the executive/ manager a unique opportunity to engage in provocative conversations, with the sole objective of providing them support and partnership.  We will work with you to achieve your desired business results and help you in resolving team conflicts.  Together we can establish strategic frameworks, identify strategies, and optimize team resources.  Ultimately we’d like to contribute to your professional and personal self-discovery and evolution.

Your sustained growth as a person, as a team leader, as a business unit head, will allow you to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally.  We want to be there with you when that happens. That is our passion and mission.

We engage in weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly coaching sessions. We propose a minimum of 3 months’ term of engagement.   We offer a complimentary 45 min. one-on-one executive coaching session subject to schedule availability.

Coach Mentoring Program

Based on the recently published Corporate Leadership Study 2004 – conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI) for the Philippine Business Environment – out of the 5 major management proficiencies that need to be enhanced and are lacking for corporate teams to succeed, Coaching competencies was ranked as the number 1 gap.  Based on the same study’s on-line poll, in terms of the key factors required to make learning and training sustainable, again on-the-job Coaching was ranked number 1. We have the program to fill this gap.  The Coach Mentoring Program.

A June, 2019 Business Insider article https://www.businessinsider.com/the-best-bosses-do-these-things-according-to-google-2019-6  reported that Google spent 10 years researching what makes the perfect manager. The #1 finding? A good boss is a GOOD COACH. #2 – Empowers the team and does not micromanage. #3 – Creates an inclusive environment, showing concern for success and well-being. This is the reason Google uses external executive coaches extensively.

This is a 1 or 2-day learning session, designed to cultivate a coaching culture within the work place.  Starting with coaches’ assessment program, we will help you identify your organization’s most ‘likely-to-succeed’ coaches.  We shall then conduct a coach mentorship program, loaded with skills practice, case study discussion, as well practical and easy to understand learning sessions. We work around key Coaching Proficiencies that are designed to be the team leader’s framework in effectively coaching and leading their teams.  This is where we will partner with them to get where they want to be in the shortest time possible.   We believe the best way for team leaders to transform into coaches is for them to experience first hand how it is to be coached.  This program is designed to afford the participants this valuable coaching time. Recommended maximum class size per session is 25 managers/leaders.

Team Competencies Building

Coachcom will work with your high performance teams to establish competencies and behaviors required for individual and team success.  Programs and activities are customized to fit your current situation, and are designed for immediate impact, sustained peak performance and achievement of team goals.  This is done via half day to two-day, indoor or outdoor experiential programs employing the most current tools and coaching techniques.

We will work with you to focus and achieve:

  • Strong Leadership
  • Positive Attitude Change
  • Coaching Culture
  • A Champion’s Soul
  • Supportive Environments
  • Cohesion amidst Change
  • Personal and Professional Development

Champion Team Events

We believe that your team’s valuable time of leisure and entertainment should be handled with the same passion and excitement as your professional development programs.  Whether it is Sales Rallies/Conventions, Corporate Olympics, Golf Tours, Family Days, or Sponsored Learning Clinics we shall partner with you all the way. From conceptualization, planning, organization and execution, our service will allow you to experience the special event minus the valuable man-hours away from your real daily work schedule.

Let us help you enjoy, among others:

  • Basketball Clinics
  • Basketball, Volleyball, or BadmintonTournaments
  • Golf Tours
  • Corporate Olympics
  • Family Day
  • Sales Rallies/ Product Launch

Speaking Engagements

Motivational. Inspirational. From the heart. These characterize the talks we give. We tell stories that the audience can relate to.  Whether they are salesmen, rank and file employees, supervisors, or top management executives, our ability to customize our talks to fit the client’s requirements assure one thing – connecting with the listener.  Our topics revolve around values that matter to us the most:

  • Personal and Team Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Passion and Attitude
  • Work/Life Balance
  • The Stuff of Champion
  • Developing Personal and Team Agility

A little bit about me
and my previous work


August 10, 2013 will go down forever as one of the most historic days in Philippine basketball. On this day, Coach Chot Reyes and his band of ill-prepared, way-too-short, and inexperienced warriors went out and defied all odds to beat long-time national team tormentor South Korea in an emotionally gripping game, 86-79, thereby earning for the Philippines a ticket to the FIBA World Cup in Spain, 2014, for the first time since 1978.

In the World Cup in Spain August, 2014, Chot coached GILAS to its first win on the world stage in the last 40 years: an 85-83 victory vs Senegal. They lost to powerhouse Croatia by 2pts, Puerto Rico by 4, and World #3 Argentina by only 4pts – pushing all those teams to the limit before succumbing.

There were many doubters and detractors. But through all the negativity, Coach Reyes did what he always does: WIN.

For this feat, People Asia has named Chot one of its ‘People of the Year’ for 2013; while SPIN.ph voted him ‘Sportsman of the Year”.


Chot has consistently shown his ability to win regardless of the team and players at his disposal, being the only coach to win 3 All-Filipino titles with different teams – Purefoods in 1993, Coca-Cola in 2002, and Talk N’ Text in 2009, 2011, & 2012.  He created history with each title. At Purefoods he was the youngest to win in his first try at 29 years old. At Coca-Cola, they became the first team to win a championship in their rookie year in the PBA history. His 2009 championship at Talk N’ Text made Chot the only 3-time All-Filipino winner with different teams; while his 2011 title made him the only coach to win 2 championships with 3 different teams.Last February, 2012, Chot again created history by leading TNT to become the first team in 27 years to win the prestigious PBA All-Filipino championship 2 years in a row.

His other PBA championships are in import tournaments, with Purefoods in 1994, Coca-Cola in 2003, and Talk N’ Text in 2011.  8 titles in 16 Finals appearances in 30 tournaments – these feats earned for him five (5) “Coach of the Year” awards – again the only coach so far to have won this prestigious award as much, as the most anyone has won is thrice.

This led to Chot being selected to coach the National Team once more, and in July, 2012, Chot led the GILAS PILIPINAS national team to the 34thWilliam Jones Cup title in Taipei – for the first time in the last 14 years – in the process again creating history by becoming the only Filipino coach to win this prestigious championship. He beat a crack USA selection in a nerve-wracking final. Internationally, he coached the Philippine National team to the 2005 and 2006 Brunei Cup titles and the 2007 Philippine Cup Championship.


All of the teams Chot coached to victory were completely different from each other – in terms of talent, size, depth and experience.  The one constant has been their ability to work together as a team.  While all coaches preach teamwork, Chot’s teams live and breathe it. The only Filipino member of the International Advisory Board of the United States Basketball Academy and a member of the Board of the Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines, Chot quotes legendary coach John Wooden, “I may not be the best or brightest coach. But the one thing I do better than most is my ability to motivate a group of individuals to work with ONE HEARTBEAT.” Truly, his latest feat with Gilas made the “Laban Pilipinas. PUSO!” motto he coined practically the national battlecry.


Having gone through intensive business and corporate coaching education in London and New York, Chot has been providing executive coaching to executives (including expats) of various top 500 corporations in the Philippines through his company Coachcom.inc. He conducts regular coach mentorship programs to middle managers of companies in the insurance, banking, retail, manufacturing, BPO, and telecommunications industries. His module on teamwork is also a much sought-after training program, especially among the top consumer companies. Coach Chot is also a licensed John Maxwell Teambuilding Workshop facilitator.

But what differentiates Coach Chot’s Executive Coaching is the focus on Leadership Development.  Chot is a Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Coach. John Mattone, who was the coach of Steve Jobs and Roger Enrico, has just been named the #1 Executive Coach by GlobalGurus, is Chot’s personal coach.

In recognition of the need to equip leaders at all levels for the increasing VUCA world, Chot has likewise completed his training as an ICP-Agile Certified Coach, enabling the organisations and leaders he works with to not only “DO Agile, but BE Agile as well.” This combination of TEAM expertise, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT focus, and AGILE capability truly sets the coachcom program apart from others in the filed.


After leading the Philippines back to the world stage, Chot formally retired from professional basketball coaching at the end of 2014 to return to his much-delayed corporate career. Since 2013 he took over Sports5, the sports division of TV5 Network, Inc where he was likewise entrusted with the task of building and heading Digital5, TV5’s digital operations division.

At Sports5, Chot turned a heavily losing operation into profit in 2 years, while at the same time acquiring such valuable sports properties as the 2016 Rio Olympics, FIBA Asia and FIBA Worlds, to complement their already robust line-up of the PBA, women’s volleyball’s PSL, the SEA and Asian Games, among others.

All this has led to Chot moving up at the start of 2016 to President of Media5 – the Sales, Marketing, and Digital arm of TV5. But his corporate movement for 2016 was not done yet. In an unexpected turn of events, the TV5 President announced his retirement in July; and on October 1, 2016, Chairman MVP named Chot as the new TV5 President and CEO. His goal was to turn the network around from its losses since the start of operations into profitability in 3 years’ time. To do this Chot led a game-changing partnership with worldwide sports leader ESPN to re-position TV5 from a general entertainment network  to a primarily sports and news channel. This established TV5 as the #1 Sports channel and more importantly allowed TV5 to cut its losses by 50% in 2017, and another 30% in 2018.


After 3 years at the helm of TV5, Chot retired to concentrate on his entrepreneurial endeavours. He took the opportunity to take a much-needed vacation and focus on upgrading his executive and leadership development skills.This allowed Chot to complete his Intelligent Leadership and Agile Coach certifications.


List of most recent programs conducted/talks given by Chot Reyes/coachcom:
(coachcom also conducts traditional training programs like Interaction Management, Customer Service, Mission-Visioning, Sales Training, et al)

  • Coach Chot Reyes is a certified John Maxwell facilitator/trainer. He conducts the “Laws of Teamwork” public Team Workshop for Inspire Phils.



Championship Coaching

Championship Coaching Weekend The Coca-Cola Export Company Mancom
Kenny Rogers/Seattle’s Best Mancom
TNT-Philippines Mancom
GXS Global Mancom
DHL-Danzas Mancom
Globe Telecoms/Logica-CMG Team
Philip Morris Phils HR Directorate
Kimberly-Clark Mancom
Hey Coach! Unilever Marketing Mentoring Community
Convergys-SPRINT Leaders Congress
Coaching the Coach Analog Devices, Inc
Championship Coaching @ Work AMKOR Technology Phils. Inc
Citigroup BPS Leaders Learning Session
Citibank Entrepreneurial Devt Program
ICT Leaders Learning Session
1st and 2nd Phil Coaches Convention
1st Philippine Distributors Summit
TNT Phils Annual Leaders Conference
URATEX Phils, Inc
Convergys, Telus
Coaching Workshop Philamlife ASG (Luzon, Vis/Min sectors)
Research & Tech Labs
Estee Lauder Mancom
TV5 Mancom
Coca-Cola FEMSA
Coaching Fundamentals Proctor&Gamble National Agency Leaders
Proctor&Gamble DCT Team
Insular Life National Agency Leaders
Coaching Awareness, Responsiveness, Teamwork Proctor&Gamble National Sales Mgt
Corp. Coaching: The Soul of Execution Phil Daily Inquirer Management team
“Beat Goliath”: How to Truly Motivate Your Team Philamlife South Luzon Leaders Congress
Executive Coaching PhilamLife Business Team Program
Masterful Coaching for Productivity/Expansion Philamlife ASG Conference
Phil Society for Training & Development

Championship Team Competencies Building/Teamwork

The Essentials of High Performing Teams
(whole-day workshops)
Phil Roasters Inc Mancom
Directories Phils Corp. Inc Mancom
DPC Sales Management Team
The Coca-Cola Export Technical Group
Watson’s Management Team
Cisco Systems Phils
Golden ABC Teamwork Summit
BAX Global Mancom
GAC Shipping and Cargo Systems
Phoenix Petroleum
The Essentials of HPT /True TEAMWORK
(1-2 hour talks)
SMART Leadership Summit
Medichem/Therapharma Sales Conference
TREND-MICRO Leaders Congress
J&J Management Symposium
J&J Genral Trade Group
ACCENTURE Leaders’ Congress
Ayala Land Premiers Sales Convention
UPS Leadership Team
Ericsson Philippines Leadership team
Carrier International Corp
Fujitsu Ten Phils. Lecture Series
Asian Land Sales Convention
Berkeley-Family First Leadership Team
Proud to be ‘D’ team Pilipinas Shell Distribution Group
One Dream. One Voice. One TEAM Globe-Innove Enterprise Business Group
John Maxwell High-impact Team Seminar Salt and Light Ventures
Accelerate and Overtake Glaxo Smith-Kline National Convention
TeamWork Proctor&Gamble Regional AAI College
Globelympics: Team-building Sportsfest Globe Channel Mktg Group
Beyond Limits Coca-Cola Tigers Team Devt
‘Anak ng Punta’: Team Competencies Building Coca-Cola Corp Communications Council
The Winning Spirit: Commitment and Teamwork Philamlife Worksite Mgt Congress
Team-building and Motivation Benguet Corp. 100th Anniversary
Teamwork, Change, Leadership CEMEX Sales Convention
Teamwork Strategies that Really Work MIB Leaders Meeting
Building Outstanding Teams Eli-Lilly Agents’ Convention
Transforming our Family into a TEAM Xavier Parents’ Association
Phil. Parenting Convention

Champion’s Leadership

Coach Reyes on Leadership Novartis Values in Action series
Convergys Townhall Meeting
Ericsson Philippines
Sun Life Leaders Congress
Passionate Leadership Pfizer National Leaders’ Conference
Championship HR Ayala HR Symposium
Fundamentals of Speed and Precision San Miguel-Purefoods ‘Bilis-Galing’Launch
Good is the Enemy of GREAT Linde Material Handling Phils
High-Impact Leadership and Team Excellence UNILAB-Phil Medical Association Conf
The HERO Within BPI-Family Bank Management Conference
Better to be First than to be Better UNIVET Product Brand Mgt Conference
Soar High: A Call to Greatness PhilamLife Manila 1 Agents’ Forum
The Leadership Journey Ateneo Grad School of Business
Leaders in our Midst Insular Life Sales Conference
Leadership 101 Thames Leadership Seminar

A Champion’s Attitude

Various Motivational Talks for Nestle Phils National Convention
McDonald’s Managers’ Convention
Globe Telecoms Leaders Convention
Zuellig Sales Convention
Abbot Pharma Sales Con
Shell Philippines
Sunlife International CEOs
Sunlife Asian MDRTs
CitySavings Bank
Mangler’s Inasal
PLDT/Smart/Sun/ePLDT/SPI Global
Coke Ito, Kaya Posible! The Coca-Cola Export Co. Salu-salo
The Passionate Life @ Work Philip Morris Phils, Intl Leaders’ League
“Hataw Na:” A Call to Greatness Isuzu Motors National Sales Convention
Communicating with Passion ASPLI National Convention
Living the GREAT LIFE Great Life Assurance Leader’s Congress
Beyond Balance CocoLife Leaders Forum
Surviving and Thriving in Times of Crisis PTAA Gen Members Mtg
Philamlife ASG North Sector
Character, Competence, Cohesiveness Coke Finance Managers’ Forum
Commitment, Teamwork, Synergy Coke Sales Convention
Embracing Change/Reaching for New Heights PhilamLife Sales Convention
Be the Best You Can Be Pru-Life Sales Convention


Are you interested in Executive Coaching, Mentor Coaching Workshops, Team-building Facilitation, Booking a Speaking Engagement, or learning more about any of our programs? Just shoot….